Affordable Apartments in Charlotte, NC.... Kind of

Nobody really cares about an article on "affordable apartments" when the article does not share any information about an affordable apartment that is ready and available when you need it.

The photo to the left is an "affordable property" in Charlotte, NC. I took this photo on a visit.

Today, 9/5/22, here is a sampling of the listed AVAILABLE apartments and their base rent prices.

  • Studio apartment is $1075 available now, 509 sq. ft.

  • One bdrm apartment is $1235 available now, 655 sq. ft.

  • Two bdrm, one bath, $1,340 available Nov. 7th, 805 sq. ft.

  • Two bdrm, one bath, $1485 available Sept. 16th, 805 sq. ft

  • Two bdrm, two bath, $1620 available now, 900 sq. ft.

  • Three bdrm, two bath, $1930 available Nove 13th, 1200 sq. ft.

Water, trash, electric, cable and/or internet are separate monthly costs. Some of the apartments come with a washer/dryer connection.

Sometimes we can help with with prices like these but it helps to set realistic expectations for yourself when looking for a super affordable budget.

We hope the following resources may be helpful.

Affordable Apartment Resources / Emergency Assistance Resources

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