Things You Should Know Before You Sign A Lease At An Apartment Complex.

Our team has experienced a million and one contacts or touches with amazing people from all over the United States and from many places throughout the world.  We are in the apartment relocation business in Charlotte, NC and have been since 1984.  The extensive experience that we bring to our jobs everyday, continually lets us know that no matter how seasoned we are, we will most likely encounter a new dilemma to solve tomorrow!  Helping renters find their next dream apartment is our job and we draw on our "experience bank" and Partner Properties to make the dream a reality.


As a professional apartment locator, we spend a lot of time with each renter.  We become friends.  It is not surprising that when trouble spots arise, often our clients reach back out to us with questions.  


We thought it might be helpful to share a few tips.  


Click Pack Move!  We are your apartment finder, apartment guide, apartment locator, apartment advocate and sometimes we become like family!   

Renting Your First Apartment

I want my own place and I would like a nice apartment in a nice area with granite counter tops and a fitness center.  I would like to live in or near Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth, NODA, Uptown, Dilworth or South End.... all of the cool areas.  My apartment budget is between $750 and $900.  Sign up

Renting an apartment for the first time is very exciting.  Are you ready to rent?  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do you have enough income to qualify?  Gross income (all sources of income prior to taxes being taken out) should equal 3 times the monthly rent.  For Example:  If the monthly rent is $950, gross pay should be at least $2850 per month.  Some properties will allow 2.5 times but this is rare.  If the gross income of the renter is not enough a guarantor or co-signer may be accepted.  

  2. Are you prepared to pay a security deposit equal to one month's rent if needed?  Renters without an established credit history or rental history in their name, may be required to place a larger deposit.

  3. Are you prepared to pay the security deposit, rental application fee, administrative fee, pet fee and or pet deposit?   The upfront monies can be substantial.  Plan on the rental application fee to be $25 to $100 per person. the security deposit to be $0 to 2 months rent, the administrative fee  $75 to $200 and the pet deposit/fees $250 to $500 per pet.

  4. Do you have a person that can co-sign or guarantee your payment of the lease?  A co-signer or guarantor can often assist with the qualification process if their credit and income meet the requirements.  The co-signer or guarantor will have to provide documentation and most likely complete a rental application and pay the necessary fee.  The policies and costs associated with this process vary from property to property.

  5. Do you want to share expenses with a roommate?  A roommate can share the living expenses with you and assist in qualifying for the apartment, however, some properties require roommates to qualify at 3 times the monthly rent, individually.

Prepardness equals success!

Sharing An Apartment With A Roommate

My roommate is crazy!  My roommate will not pay their rent!  My roommate's dog barks all of the time.  My roommate's cat is evil!  I need a new roommate!    Sign up

This is one of the most important decisions that you will make.  Choose a roommate wisely!

Do you have the lifelong friend that is the "Ying" to your "Yang," the "I've got your back buddy", the one that when you are with them, it is all out amazing fun?  The "one", that girl or that guy?  


Do you have a friend that if you want something done on time, you text them and know that their text is their word their bond?  If they say "I will be right there", they will be...right there... on time... and with enough money to sometimes catch the tab? 

Room with the friend that is the responsible one.  The reason for this, is not that your mom told you to do so, it is because the lease that you sign may state that each lessee is responsible for the whole rent for the whole lease term.  If the roommate that you choose defaults on the lease contract, you will still be responsible for the whole rent for the entire lease term.  If you cannot afford to remain in the lease and fulfill the contract or come to an agreement with management, the credit bureaus will be notified and the balance due will be posted to your credit report.  A balance owed to a landlord/management company impacts your credit score very negatively.  Your future ability to rent another apartment or qualify for a home purchase, diminishes significantly or completely. 

Choose a roommate wisely.  

Choosing a roommate is a business decision as well as a heart decision.

Apartment Rental Rates In Charlotte and Raleigh, NC

Shopping for an apartment can be so stressful, confusing and overwhelming.  Most apartments change their rental rates daily, using algorithms and competitor pricing to determine the rental rate for each apartment, every day.  We manage this aspect of apartment shopping for you and our experience allows for us to ask the right questions to get the best deal for you.  Reviews & Testimonials

Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC apartment rental prices run parallel to each other.  According to Real Data, the average rent for Charlotte is $1082 per month and Raleigh is $1101 per month.

Studio and one bedroom apartments in the most desired neighborhoods cost between $900 and $1200 and up per month.

Two bedroom apartments in the most desirable neighborhoods cost between $1050 and $1500 and up per month.

More affordable apartments are available in apartment communities that have not been renovated.  

Would you like assistance?

The average rental rate for Charlotte is $1082, Raleigh is $1101.

Furnished Apartments In Charlotte, NC, Furnished Apartments in Raleigh, NC

Apartment communities do not typically offer furnished apartments, but there are many different options to choose from if a furnished apartment is needed.  Click Pack Move can help you!

  • Corporate Apartment

    • A corporate apartment lease can be in an individual's name or a company name.

    • A corporate apartment comes complete with furniture, housewares and linens, electronics and a washer and dryer.

    • Utilities are included in a corporate apartment.

    • A corporate apartment may be paid by a credit card or check.  One payment covers all of the monthly expenses.

    • Corporate apartment lease terms can be month to month or longer.

    • Corporate apartments are quoted at a daily rate.  Taxes are added for leases less than 90 days.

    • Studio or one bedroom corporate apartment rates begin at approximately $70 to $150 per day.

  • Renting furniture is another option for living in a furnished apartment.  Furniture rental prices vary based upon the length of lease and the package choice.  Student furniture rental packages are available.

  • One bill - Relocation packages often want expenses in one bill for reimbursement.  We can help with this option too. ​


Click Pack Move can help you to evaluate which option is best for you. ​

I need a furnished apartment!

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