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Charlotte Apartment Pricing

How much does a one bedroom apartment in Charlotte, NC rent for?

Shopping for an apartment can be so stressful, confusing and overwhelming.  

Most apartments change their rental rates daily, using algorithms and competitor pricing to determine the rental rate for each apartment. We manage this aspect of apartment shopping for you and our experience allows for us to ask the right questions to get the best deal for you.  

Dynamic pricing is also affected by the seasons. During spring and summer, prices go up as demand increases. 

Often there are discounts for Click Pack Move clients!

Charlotte area rental rates:

  • studio/one bedroom - $1100 to $1200 (low)

  • studio/one bedroom - $1350 to $1600 (average)

  • studio/one bedroom - $1600 and up (luxury)

  • 2 bedroom $1400 to $1600 (low)

  • 2 bedroom $1600 to $2500 (average)

  • 2 bedroom $2500 and up (luxury)

  • 3 bedroom $1800 to $2100 (low)

  • 3 bedroom $2200 to $3000 (average)

  • 3 bedroom $3000 and up (luxury)


Market conditions and lease term will determine


*NOTE: There are properties with rents lower than the above average stated starting rates. The lower priced apartments will have a reason for being below the average pricing. It could be property age, location or condition.

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