Click Pack Move offers three types of services. 

Welcome to our registration form. Feel free to share as much information with us as you would like. The more we understand what is important to you, the better able we are to guide you to your dream apartment. Your Apartment Expert will spend as much time as needed to reach your goal.

Click Pack Move offers three types of services. 

  1. Free Charlotte Apartment Locator - Most clients choose this service! with this service, you tell your personal Apartment Expert what your priorities are and they shop for the best deal that matches up to your idea of a dream apartment. This is all done through text, email and phone. Super convenient!

  2. Charlotte Relocation Guided Tour - when choosing one of these services, the above locating service is included and will culminate in a guided tour. The tours are customizable. The fees are payable prior to the tour and a 24 hour cancellation is required for a full refund.

  3. Real Estate Services - All Click Pack Move agents are licensed Real Estate Brokers, however, we all have specialties and direct our skills toward the area of expertise that brings our very best to our clients. Our Real Estate services are provided by a trusted partner that practices Real Estate sales/purchases exclusively. 

~ Holiday Intermission ~  


The Click Pack Move office will be closed for the holidays. We will re-open January 2 to do what we do best - assist you with your rental needs!

Existing Clients...

If you are already working with a Click Pack Move representative, feel free to continue to reach out to her directly for your needs.  We will continue working with current clients during this time, just not accepting new client requests until the first of the year.


Until then, we hope you have a wonderful and blessed holiday season with your families and friends.