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Roommate Tips

My roommate is crazy! My roommate will not pay their rent! My roommate's dog barks all of the time. My roommate's cat is evil! I need a new roommate!

Choosing the right roommate is essential and living with the right roommate is a good experience. 

Do you have the lifelong friend that is the "Ying" to your "Yang," the "I've got your back buddy", the one that when you are with them, it is all out amazing fun?  

Do you have a friend that if you need help with something, you know you can count on them to be there for you? Or, if you pay for the pizza, they quickly Venmo their portion back to you? 

Room with the friend that is the responsible one. The reason for this, is not that your mom told you to do so, it is because the lease that you sign may state that each lessee is responsible for the whole rent for the whole lease term.  If the roommate that you choose defaults on the lease contract, you will still be responsible for the whole rent for the entire lease term.  If you cannot afford to remain in the lease and fulfil the contract or fail to come to an agreement with management, the credit bureaus will be notified and the balance due will be posted to your credit report.  A balance owed to a landlord/management company impacts your credit score very negatively.  Your future ability to rent another apartment or qualify for a home purchase, diminishes significantly or completely. ​

Choosing a roommate is a business decision as well as a heart decision.

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