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Before You Sign A Lease

Here are things you should know, questions to ask yourself, advice and tips.

Our team has experienced a million and one contacts or touches with amazing people from all over the United States and from many places throughout the world.  We are in the apartment relocation business in Charlotte, NC and have been since 1984.  The extensive experience that we bring to our jobs everyday, continually lets us know that no matter how seasoned we are, we will most likely encounter a new dilemma to solve tomorrow! Helping renters find their next dream apartment is our job. We draw on our "experience bank" and Partner Properties to make the dream a reality.


As professional apartment locators, we spend a lot of time with each renter.  We become friends.  It is not surprising that when trouble spots arise, often our clients reach back out to us with questions.  


We thought it might be helpful to share some of this insight with you.  


Click Pack Move!  We are your apartment finder, apartment guide, apartment locator, apartment advocate and often times we become like family!   

Did you know that most apartments use dynamic pricing? This means that pricing changes daily.

From one day to the next, a rental rate can change $20 to $200 per month!

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